Little Tybee Help, Little Tybee Relief, Little Tybee CMJThree band members of the chamber-folk group Little Tybee are now picking up the pieces after a huge storm destroyed their home in Atlanta, GA. Luckily, no one was hurt during the storm, but there has been significant damage to not only their homes, but their musical equipment and other areas of property as well. The group posted the following message from band member Josh Martin asking for help to get back on their feet:

“So lightning struck and a tree has torn Little Tybee’s house apart. A beautiful storm soon became a nightmare as we realized what a completely uprooted tree could do to destroy our living and rehearsal space. Everyone is okay and happy to be alive, but we are currently homeless and trying to pick up the pieces. We did manage to save some of our gear, but so much of our lives are currently buried in what is now a water logged tree fort. Any generosity anyone has to offer could help ensure a safe transition into having new roofs over our heads, help replenish our gear supply, and help us get this behind us so we can finally finish this new album we have put so much work into. We appreciate it so much, it honestly means the world to us.”

Here’s a photo of the damage:

Any and all donations can be made through Paypal by visiting the Little Tybee Disaster Relief Fund website and clicking on the “donate” button.