Massachusetts-based foursome Dom has been vocal on the trajectory of its spacey, vintage pop music with Dom frontman, also named Dom, saying that he wants to “pump out as many records as possible.” The Family Of Love EP, the band’s second, was produced by Nicolas Vernhes of Animal Collective and Björk fame, and you can tell his fingerprints are all over the EP. Songs like “Damn” and “Family Of Love” have that catchy, pop-psychedelia feel Animal Collective made popular. But where Animal Collective veers off into the experimental, Dom stays true to the pop course.

Dom’s lyrics are solid, strangely poignant and usually funny—expect to crack a smile during the whimsical “Some Boys” featuring the mysterious “Emma.” Dom puts all of its personality into its music. The four members of the band have been through some hard times growing up in Worcester, MA, and spawned some pretty serendipitous pop music. Family Of Love is like if Brian Wilson suddenly uprooted and found himself a new home in the world of indie music.

The timing of this album couldn’t be better. A strong summer theme is strung throughout the album. As this particular summer winds down, Family Of Love will provide a comforting soundtrack as it gets chillier on those late-night smoke breaks.