Instead of trading in all that pojntless Steve Miller vs. Black Keys banter that’s been going on of late, New York’s favorite dive bar denizens, Dirty Fences, just went and made a song that kind of sounds like if Black Keys never got huge, found themselves drunk and happily still stuck in Akron, and angling for a Burger cassette release, then writing a scraggly, later period Steve Miller Band take-off as the pitch.

This fine and fun new track is full of hangin’ behind Burger King grooves, sugary guitar leads and Ramones-a-long harmonies, and it’s out now as a 7-inch on the excellent Atlanta-based trash rock imprint, Die Slaughterhouse. If it ain’t too late, they should pitch it to the Flamin’ Groovies as a cover for their new comeback album…

The video looks like it was made back in that later period. The boys eat in front of the TV until they finally get off their duffs to go dance around a desert in ill-fitting pants, questionable mustaches, and smiles as wide as an Arizona horizon. It might still be April, but it’s always a July jaunt in the Dirty Fences world. Go join them on one, below, or a few times via those tour dates.

Tour Dates for Dirty Fences:
04/21 – The Know – Portland, OR
04/22 – The Hemlock – San Francisco, CA
04/23 – All Star Lanes – Los Angeles, CA
04/24 – Red Cove – Ventura, CA
04/25 – Knuckleheads – San Clemente, CA
04/26 – The Hideout – San Diego, CA
04/27 – Underground DTSA – Santa Ana, CA
04/28 – Yucca Tap Room – Phoenix, AZ
04/29 – Monarch – El Paso, TX
04/30 – Fine Southern Gentleman – Austin, TX
05/02 – Hi Tones – San Antonio, TX
05/03 – RBC – Dallas, TX
05/04 – White Water Tavern – Little Rock, AR
05/05 – DKDC – Memphis, TN
05/06 – FOOBAR – Nashville, TN