South London’s Dignan Porch decided not too long ago that it should go from one member to five. After recording the debut Tendrils alone, vocalist Joe Walsh felt it was time to bring his brother Sam and a few close friends into the mix. While the defining qualities of Tendrils’ bedroom dream-pop remain, this time Walsh has a crew, and they’re getting a little more optimistic.
The band shows its first signs of positivity with the album’s title, Nothing Bad Can Ever Happen, and keeps it alive with the bubbly strums of opener “Picking Up Dust.” Though soon “She Is Landing” counters that by adding a pinch of melancholy. The brief song clocks in at just over two minutes, but it adds an element of gray with Walsh’s low but steady vocal performance.
Each song on this album has its own distinct feel—the 47-second “Interlude” employs synths, while tracks like “Pink Oil” and “Sad Shape” play on the band’s roots-y side—yet they all manage to fit into one psychedelic collection. “Cancelled TV Shows,” a crispy, crunchy dance number, is easily Nothing Bad Can Ever Happen’s highlight. Combining surf-anthem chords with the upbeat hum of a synthesizer, the song really drives home the positive vibes. And throughout all 13 of these tracks, whether fuzzed-out and aggressive or scuffed-up and jaunty, the band is so laid-back and mellow that there’s never a break in the mantra: Nothing Bad Can Ever Happen.