Nashville’s six-piece garage punk outfit Diarrhea Planet (yes… Diarrhea Planet) seized the stage at Death By Audio this Tuesday night. And I do mean seized—this explosive set was nothing to shit on. Powered by four guitars and propelled by friendship, Diarrhea Planet seriously knows how to shred.
What might be even more exciting is what brings these Tennesseans to New York in the first place. They’re recording a new full-legnth with producer Kevin McMahon (credentials include Titus Andronicus and Liquor Store) and decided to schedule a tour around it. We can look forward to the album’s release sometime next year.
Accordingly, it’s a good time to be on planet diarrhea; the love on stage was practically tangible. The dudes of Diarrhea Planet (whose interests include pizza and different kinds of pizza) genuinely enjoy playing together and it shows. Songs like “Ghost With A Boner” (the lyrics of which are essentially “ghost with a boner/ghost with a bone/drinking my beer/drinking my beer”) scream good times and that there’s no need to take anything too seriously. At the same time, the group provides intense riffage and just enough pop to make songs dizzyingly anthemic and surprisingly visceral. The tone may be lighthearted, but the wall of big guitars is nothing to mess with.
The last of five bands (Hunters, Desert Sharks, Doris Gang and Skimask opened the show), Diarrhea Planet took the stage just before midnight. The set was a mix of new and old—crowd pleasers like “Warm Ridin'” had show-goers screaming along and even crowd surfing. The front line forcefield of guitarists, with singer Jordan Smith sandwiched in the middle, took turns leaping into the crowd and sharing their mics with the eager audience. A crowd-requested encore took place without gimmicky pretense—the band didn’t leave the stage before launching right back into the thick of it. When they finished, Diarrhea Planet and its audience were both drenched in sweat, sporting smiles the size of its big guitar sound.