Goofy garage-friendship duo Shellshag recently released the video for Medley, off last year’s Shellshag Forever LP. When you first watched it, you may have noticed that something was missing. The clip features the pair sitting in a car, wearing various costumes, playing the guitar, hugging and generally acting wacky. It’s great—but everything outside the car is still in green screen. That’s where you come in. The band is hosting a contest that lets you fill in the green screen using your art skillz. Not only do you win the pride that comes with being a winner, but you also get:

• A date with Shellshag
• A public screening of the winning video at a Shellshag show
• A set of hand casted and painted Shellshag action figures
• A pair of Shellshag drumsticks designed by Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females
• $200 in cold hard cash

Can’t wait to get your hands on those action figures? Here’s what you do: Download the original file here, and send your edited version to by February 28. Good luck, and remember the motto: Shellshag Forever.