Photo by Josh Casuccio

By Liz Baillie
Touring as infrequently as the group does, when the Descendents plays, it does so to enthusiastic, tightly packed crowds. From the front of the barricade to the back of Roseland Ballroom on Friday night, no matter where you turned, you saw someone singing along to the punk rock legends’ signature hard, fast, melodic sound. The members ran through all their best-known songs from “Hope” to “All-O-Gistics”—the latter of which was helpfully illustrated by a large, biblical-style cardboard tablet held up by vocalist/punk rock Moses, Milo Auckerman, as he made his pronouncements. The crowd responded with resounding enthusiasm, and the refrains of “qwaah qwaah qwaaah qwaah” could be heard bouncing back from the crowd to the stage with all the conviction of an evangelical revival.
All photos below by Josh Casuccio
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