Photo by Annie Lesser

This weekend for the fourth of Jack Daniels’ five Live At The Landmark concerts, which feature bands playing at historic locations around the country, Delta Spirit performed at the infamous Playboy Mansion. The three previous concerts were held at slightly more family friendly settings: Okkervil River at Grand Central Terminal, Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears at the U.S.S. Midway and Metric at Pearl Stable. Next Saturday Eagles Of Death Metal will be playing at the St Lewis Gateway Arch, but Friday night was all about the mansion.
Attendees of the concert had to park at nearby UCLA and take a shuttle up to the Playboy Mansion before being greeted by Jack Daniels girls who were easily outshined by the Playboy Bunnies. As most people tried to pose with the Playmates, some were drawn to a silent auction benefiting the nonprofit Operation Gratitude, while even less went to the concert tent to listen to the pre-show DJs. The guests were an eclectic group of minor celebrities, Delta Spirit fans and people who simply wanted a chance to scratch going to the Playboy mansion off their bucket list.
Despite the main building of the mansion being cut off to concert attendees, people were allowed to wander through the iconic grotto pool area and a small annex that included the classic arcade room filled with Hugh Hefner memorabilia and various generations of Playboy pinball machines. You then reached hallway with a floor made of a plush substance, two colorful ’70s style bedrooms that held old copies of Playboy, rotary phones and mirrors on every wall and ceiling. In the annex you could find a phone directory to the mansion which included at least three rooms dedicated to scrapbooking, which the Bunnies said were because of Hef’s affinity for collage making.
Delta Spirit’s set started out a little lackluster, which is less the fault of the band than the crowd, which seemed too distracted by free food and Playboy Bunnies to even care that guitarist Will McLaren was shredding or bassist Jon Jameson was whipping his hair like he was Willow Smith—although, Jack Daniels probably didn’t want people noticing anyone named Jon Jameson even if his name doesn’t have an “H.” As Matthew Vasquez sang, people slowly started to take to the dance floor, and by the end of the band’s set everyone in the crowd was shaking what their mothers gave them as they screamed the lyrics to “California.”
All photos by Annie Lesser.
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