Rap icon Del The Funky Homosapien will release a three-disc set titled The Golden Era. The trio suite features his upcoming new album of the same name, as well as 2009’s Funk Man and Automatik Statik. Flying off the heels of his 2010 album It Ain’t Legal Yet, The Golden Era will be released April 19 via The Council.

Though he still flies far under the mainstream radar, the rapper associated with Ice Cube, Hieroglyphics and many more could be considered one of the most acclaimed and prolific rappers that is still relentlessly active today. What’s particularly awesome though is that Del is a hip-hop veteran, 20 years into a successful career, and still trying new methods and thinking differently. His last few albums have been released via His Bandcamp page with the ‘pay what you wish’ mentality that Radiohead made so famous back in 2007. No word on how this release will be distributed or sold, but hopefully something cool will be done with the re-release/new material combo. Del is currently finishing up a his Ice Cold Tour, which took him all around the west side of the US.