Photo by Alex Eriksen

Deer Tick played a free show last night at Death By Audio in Williamsburg to raise awareness for what the band feels was unprofessional conduct by the NYPD in the Occupy Wall Street protests. Frontman John McCauley made it clear that the band was not taking sides, only that it’s unhappy with recent episodes where police have physically subdued protesters.
Last night’s crowd was ripe for protest after waiting a solid hour, crammed shoulder-to-shoulder in the tiny venue. Luckily, it didn’t come to that, and the band took the stage before anyone got too restless. The members launched into a cover of “Move It On Over,” the George Thorogood version, and from there proceeded to rock for two hours. They finished off with the rumbling “Let’s All Go To The Bar” and McCauley stage dove into the crowd, although he may have just been trying to get through to the bathroom.
All photos below by Alex Eriksen
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