Photos by Annie Lesser

There are few live sets more instantly gratifying than Best Coast‘s short bursts of summer music. Perhaps due to the band’s smallish catalogue, or perhaps due to the quick pace that Bethany and co. adapt their songs for the live set, Best Coast always seems simultaneously excited and excited to be done. At the gorgeous Prospect Park Bandshell last night, the trio held true to course with a 40 minute set that still somehow managed to include most of its beloved songs and some banter to boot. Bethany was what she always is: a bit bratty, a bit spacey, but solid as always on the vocals. She got a shout out for her leopard print skirt, to which she replied “I don’t normally wear leopard print, but I wanted to make a statement tonight. Don’t know what statement, though.” Best Coast’s set highlights included the always singalong-y “I Want To”, which, for once, did not lead to a mosh pit in the second half of the song, and the new song (“We just released it today! Well, Adult Swim did, whatever,” said Bethany with a laugh) titled “Gone Again”. As quickly as Best Coast came, it was gone, leaving the crowd to wait in the rain while the crew set up (for a longer-than-normal time) for the Decemberists.

Best Coast photos below, and the Decemberists on the next page. All photos by Annie Lesser.

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