We’ve just heard that Broken Social Scene‘s drummer, Justin Peroff, along with the Stills‘ members Liam O’Neil and Dave Hamelin are forming a new band: Eight And A Half. The group will release its self-titled debut LP on February 7 via Arts And Crafts.
The members of the new trio were old friends, having shared stages in the past but mostly keeping busy with tours and recording for their main bands. A series of phone calls and emails touched off the collaboration, with Peroff shuttling between California, Chicago and Montreal to get the project off the ground. When the Stills went splits after a tour with Kings Of Leon last year, O’Neil and Hamelin were fully onboard for Eight And A Half. The result is a more electronic-infused effort compared to the bigger sound of either BSS or the Stills.
If the track “Scissors” is any indication, then the band’s debut will be one to look out for when it arrives next year. The one track is moody for sure, driven on heavy synths and layered vocal harmonies. Listen below for yourself.
Scissors by Eight and a Half