The 2 Bears—the dance duo consisting of Hot Chip‘s Joe Goddard and Greco-Roman contributor Raf Daddy—has announced its debut LP. Be Strong, slated for a January 31 release on DFA, marks the second offering by the duo in the past 12 months; this summer, the guys released the generous Bear Hug EP, an ebullient dancescapade shaped by the London dance scene that brought the two collaborators together in the first place.
The London love isn’t going anywhere on Be Strong, as the group promises the album will deliver the precise soulfulness of the U.K’s biggest city, right down to “the glorious, schizophrenic sound of a late night cab ride listening to a radio with a mind of its own.” Although the LP will play heavily to Goddard and Raf Daddy’s dance sensibilities, there will be ventures into “garage reggae,” as well as “bouncing prison yard laments” mixed in with the infectious, rubbery grooves.
You can check out the video for “Work,” Be Strong‘s first single, below.[/vimeo]