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Lately we’ve been seeing the word “death” crop up among band names. It’s starting to look like the obituaries section out there. Ten bands among our huge selection of CMJ Marathon 2011 artists are just dying to be heard. It’s October, Halloween is upon us, the dead walk the earth, and spirits are in the air, so we thought we’d take the time to introduce you to a few “death” bands.


Death’s members have definitely got the look with their black trench coats and flowing dreads. This protopunk trio has been rocking since the ’70s when it formed in Detroit, MI. As you may see in the clip above, this band is the subject of a documentary, and rightly so, as these guys are living pieces of punk history. See them and get schooled.
Death plays Music Hall Of Williamsburg on Tuesday, October 18 as part of the Afropunk Presents Death To Hip-Hop showcase.

Dead Leaf Echo

Dead Leaf Echo is a New York trio that makes shoegazey indie pop. The death theme here is pretty thin, given that the band’s website isn’t covered with pictures of skulls. No one even dies in the video. We can only guess the name comes from the dead leaves of fall, which in two weeks or so will be very much in season.
Dead Leaf Echo plays Vaudeville Park on Saturday, October 22.

Dead Sara

Next we have Dead Sara, which contains no members named Sara that are recently deceased. The L.A. outfit is a girl-fronted rock band with enough Joan Jett-like attitude to pull it off. If anything, Dead Sara’s music says “never say die” rather than just “die.”
Dead Sara plays Santos Party House on Wednesday, October 19 as part of the SESAC showcase.

The Dead Ships
The Dead Ships has been at sea for a little while but is just now touching shores. The band’s new 7″ came out last week, and its debut EP dropped this past spring. “Dead ships” may be a reference to those hulking freighters and old battleships that wind up stripped down for scrap, but the only thing stripped down about the Dead Ships is its bluesy garage rock.
The Dead Ships plays Lit Lounge on Wednesday, October 19.

The Dead Stars

The Dead Stars is moody but not quite “vampire moody.” The group plays its garage alt-rock to the hilt with licks that recall the Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream.
The Dead Stars plays St. Vitus on Wednesday, October 19 as part of the Tee Pee Records showcase and Charleston on Friday, October 21.
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