by Eric Hoffman

Death Cab For Cutie‘s night at the Williamsburg Waterfront began right as the sun started to fall. The band opened with “I Will Possess Your Heart” from 2008’s Narrow Stairs, prompting an audience sing-along once Ben Gibbard’s voice broke into the four-minute instrumental intro. The majority of set alternated from old classics to new songs off of Codes And Keys. “I Will Possess Your Heart” turned into “You Are a Tourist,” which transitioned into “The New Year,” which faded into “Underneath The Sycamore.” After Gibbard commented on how beautiful New York City’s skyline looked, he launched into “We Looked Like Giants,” and toward the end of the song, Gibbard jammed on a second drum set that was brought onstage. The rest of Death Cab joined in and rocked harder, reminding the audience members that Death Cab may play some sentimental songs, but it’s still at a rock band.

The set ended with “Marching Bands Of Manhattan,” a fitting choice for a show at the Waterfront, with its postcard-like view of Manhattan. When the band reemerged for an encore, Gibbard remarked, “Of course we’re going to do an encore. What do you think we are, lazy?” The four-song closing included “Home Is A Fire” and old favorites “The Sound Of Settling” and “Title And Registration” before the band signed off with “Transatlanticism.”