As you might have already seen on our jobs page, CMJ is seeking interns in its New York City office for the fall semester. I’m writing this as a summer editorial intern on his last day in the office, asked by his editor to tell the people interested in filling his spot what it’s like to work here. Well sure, I’d be happy to.

As a CMJ intern, you’ll get the pleasure of seeing your name in lights on the website and being approached for autographs by attractive members of the opposite gender; and though that’s 90 percent of the reason I applied in the first place, I ended up enjoying my time at CMJ for different reasons. For one, when you work here, you won’t be going on coffee runs—that is, unless you’re in need of a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. You’ll spend the overwhelming majority of your day reporting and writing the news posts, reviews and features that you see on I’ve come out of the experience with a better ability to hammer out a story on a dime and, not to mention, enough writing clips to bury potential future employers under an avalanche of 8×11 printouts.

Besides that, you’ll get to rub shoulders with folks in the music industry, find out which labels have the nicest publicists (Sub Pop, I’m looking at you) and get your name on the guest list for concerts that you’d like to review. (Lucky you—the city’s fall concert lineup already has me salivating.) And you’ll get free music. Lots of free music.

Finally, as you probably already can tell from the fact that I was allowed to write this post like an absolute ham, you’ll get to work in a relaxed environment with some of the nicest people around. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the folks in the office, and I’ll definitely be dropping by throughout the school year to say hi (and also to scour the bin of advance releases).

If you’re into interning here, check out the jobs page for position descriptions, as well as the email addresses of the people to whom you should direct your applications. If you have any questions not answered by my exhaustive autobiography here, please get in touch with us.