Photo by Katie Hovland

Beloved San Francisco punk band Dead To Me has a gift exclusively for you, CMJ readers: a brand, spankin’ new track. “Victims Of No Ambition” is a rollicking anthem chock full of the band’s trademark, politically tinged charisma. Stream it below.
Victims Of No Ambition by CMJ Network
The new cut from the upcoming release, Moscow Penny Ante (due out October 25 on Fat Wrech Chords) sounds killer live—and that leads us to the band’s second announcement: The guys will be playing CMJ 2011 on October 20 at Union Hall as part of the Fat Wreck Chords showcase.
Since forming in 2003, Dead To Me has gained renown in the punk community and beyond for its earnest, excited blend of pop punk, championed in the group’s 2006 debut, Cuban Ballerina. The band’s latest LP promises the same mix of catchy melodies and full-throttle punk energy, albeit in a more dynamic, mature form honed by world travels (including to, yes, Moscow) and brutal introspection. If you want to see for yourself, make a point to check out the Fat Wreck Chords showcase.