David Lynch has returned. After 2011’s broad and experimental Crazy Clown Town he’s back with a new LP, or what he’s referring to as a “modernized form of low-down blues.” Due out July 16 on Sacred Bones, The Big Dream is already off to a bold start courtesy of the sluggish bonus track I’m Waiting Here. The track features a vocal contribution from Swedish pop guru Lykke Li. Li’s voice is drenched in reverb and swathed in clear guitar strumming. The effect contemporary music has had on Lynch’s work is out in full force with the instrumental’s emphasis on minimalism, yet overall, it still sounds foreign. Try to picture Tri-Angle Records meets the music of the 50s.
Lynch, who came to prominence as a filmmaker, has always had a penchant for the weird and has scored multiple films, most recently Inland Empire. On the other hand, Li has bounced around labels, including her own, since her debut in 2008. The artists Lynch chooses to the help craft this album could make this album stand tall where Crazy Clown Town slouched. Stream I’m Waiting Here via Spotify and check out the teaser trailer for The Big Dream, below.