In a world where almost everyone has access to editing software, there exists endless amounts of cat GIFs, rage faces, and supercut videos of anything ranging from jaw dropping wipe outs to David Letterman really enjoying drums. Some brave and determined soul edited clips of the Late Show host asking his musical guests if their drum kits belong to them or are merely rentals—and it made for a really great two and a half minutes. If this video has taught me anything, it’s that to truly impress David Letterman, perform on his show with your own drums. At one point like the adorable grandpa-type figure that he is, Dave even goes on to list instruments in a row, “French horn, trumpet, trombone,” telling one member of Beirut that he “ain’t no beginner.” Watch the video and read our hard-hitting statistical analysis of the clip below.

Objective Statistical Analysis Of David Letterman Banter:
“Beautiful drums.”: 11
“Are those your drums?/Are those rentals?”: 15
“Those are great.”: 3
“Very nice.”: 10
“I love those.”: 3
“How old are these drums?”: 2
“You wanna sell those?”: 2
“Is this for sale?”: 2
“Can I buy that?”: 2
“Did you make that?”: 2
“Is that a french horn?”: 2