CMJ has the latest video from Norwegian electro goofballs Datarock. The video, featuring the title track to its California EP, gives us lurvely high-def footage of Datarock in matching tracksuits and sunglasses playing “California” to Lollapalooza Chile in Santiago this past April. The crowd seems to be into it, and if the band was half as good as it was at Santos, we totally understand. After all, Datarock’s main objective is to entertain the crowd at any expense, on and offstage.

“California” is synth-pop homage to Norway’s favorite state, which the lyrics romanticize as heavily as a John Hughes film—lots of talk about “the place where every day is like a night” and Californian dreams, which for some reason don’t include crippling deficits or massive wastes of human capital. But hey, coming from Norway, a warm, sunny day must be like paradise.

Datarock did some crazy stuff this past March, playing sold-out SXSW shows in support of the following antics. The group released what it called “the most extravagant single in history,” a five-track EP of the song “Catcher In The Rye” with a designer toy, a USB stick with 112 bonus tracks, 1,500 photos and 20 music videos, and a concert film titled Never Say Die. The same day, the band released California, another five-track EP. Those tracks, which included “California,” will be part of Datarock: The Musical, which should surprise approximately nobody at this point (seriously, have you been reading?).