If you don’t know who Danny Brown is, chances are you might have became acquainted with him recently as the rapper who, ahem, received an unsolicited sex act (of the oral variety) from a female fan while performing. To longtime fans of the Detroit MC and/or followers of his oft salacious Twitter activity, the incident was possibly shrugged off as “Danny being Danny.” However, as the story has spread and different accounts of the Minneapolis show surfaced, it’s sparked a strongly worded controversy with some believing Brown was assaulted while others have decried him as “a pig.” In an ensuing blog post, rapper and Brown tourmate, Kitty, pointedly and appropriately brought things into a reasonable perspective. But the episode clearly took its toll with the typically jovial Brown tweeting this past weekend, “I don’t even feel like doing a show tonight after going thru all this bullshit .. I swear to god.”
As they say though, the show must go on and lucky for fans of the rambunctious, crazy haired rapper, it did Tuesday night at Irving Plaza in New York City. Producer and frequent Brown collaborator Skywalker kicked things off behind the decks blaring a crowd-riling blend of bass-heavy, electronic infused hip-hop. Soon enough, Brown’s unmistakable, lanky figure entered the stage, bottle in hand, to a barrage of cheers from the sardine-packed crowd. Throwing up devil horns with his big tongue sticking out through the iconic gap in his teeth, he didn’t seem fazed by the recent fuss one bit.
One of the more impressive aspects of Danny Brown’s performances is his ability to carry a show all on his own. No hype man or guest appearances required, the self-proclaimed “Adderall Admiral” breathlessly spits his out-of-control rhymes from his extensive catalogue of solo work and featured verses. The borderline obsessive crowd was able to keep energy abound, chiming in whenever prompted with resounding confidence, as they notably did for the choruses of “Wit It” and “Blunt After Blunt.” Even during the moments where he looks a little tired, Brown effortlessly pulled off the schizo delivery of his recordings, seamlessly transitioning between his rapid, nasally lyricism and dark, tenor snarls.
With a new album on the way, Brown also treated the NYC crowd to a fair share of new tracks. As seen at his recent Coachella appearance, Danny again offered up the high-adrenaline “Dope Song” and intuitively included “Kush Koma” following “Blunt After Blunt.” “What else are you going to do after you smoke blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt?” he asked. Fair point, Daniel. The set then concluded with “#ExpressYourself” another new, and excellent, track he made to ”Give the ladies something to turn up to.”
The amped-up, moshing, crowd-surfing audience cheered for more once Brown exited the stage but it was ultimately to no avail. Skywalker let his beat ride for a couple minutes once Danny was gone and then waved goodbye. No questionable incidents, no juicy headlines for the Internet to devour—just another solid show for the always entertaining Danny Brown.