Swedish-based group Dag För Dag has announced it will be bringing its debut album, Boo, Stateside with release help from Brooklyn label Ceremony. The group, whose name means “day after day” in Swedish, will unleash its spacey, soothing debut April 26. To help U.S. audiences get further acquainted, the duo is providing a free download of the Releases EP. The EP contains “I Am The Assassin,” a track off of the upcoming album, as well as four non-album tracks. Click here to download.

After gaining a decent amount of notoriety throughout Europe, the group has decided to expand its audience by releasing material over here. The band, made up of brother and sister Sarah and Jacob Snavely, is actually originally from Southern California. According to Dag För Dag’s site, the two did a lot of wandering and eventually found themselves in Sweden where they settled and began writing songs together. Though they’ve been brother and sister since birth, the two didn’t become bandmates until 2007.

The video for “Hands And Knees” and Boo‘s tracklist are below.


Tracklist for Boo:
01. Boo
02. I Am The Assassin
03. Hands And Knees
04. Boxed Up In Pine
05. Wouldn’t You
06. Silence As The Verb
07. Seven Stories
08. Light On Your Feet
09. Traffic Jam
10. The Leather Of Your Boots
11. Animal
12. Came In Like A Knife
13. Ring Me, Elise
14. Cry, Cry (Bonus)