Eight years and a film score later, the French house robots of Daft Punk have officially announced the details of their next album, called Random Access Memories. Due out May 21 on their Daft Life Limited imprint via Columbia, the release ties up years of anticipation and speculation and is currently available for pre-order via iTunes so that you may feel that much closer to its reality. In addition to a collaboration with legendary Chic member and disco visionary Nile Rodgers, Random Access Memories is also alleged to feature contributions from Giorgio Moroder and Noah Lennox of Animal Collective (aka Panda Bear).
This latest update, like the last one, came in the form of a 15-second ad aired during the broadcast of Saturday Night Live, offering a tiny bit of a tease of the tunes to come. You can watch both of those clips below. For now, the only track info offered is the respective length for all 13 of them (via Pitchfork) but, hey, we’ll take it!
It’s quite possible that Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have done more by doing nothing than any artists in recent memory. While “nothing” includes their monster Alive 2007 and composing the soundtrack to blockbuster film Tron: Legacy, their growing fan base has been foaming at the mouth for their next proper album more with each passing year. The combination of Kanye West’s now iconic use of their “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” single on his ’07 hit “Stronger” and years of folklore from those fortunate enough to see them during the Alive tour has brought them to a point where any tidbit of info that comes out of the DP camp is a surefire bet to set the Internet ablaze. Watch for a Molotov cocktail-style torching come May 21.


Track Times For Random Access Memories
01. 4:34
02. 5:21
03. 9:04
04. 3:48
05. 5:37
06. 5:53
07. 8:18
08. 6:07
09. 4:50
10. 5:41
11. 4:39
12. 4:11
13. 6:21