Updated: The teasing is over. You can now stream Random Access Memories over at iTunes. Go to Daft Punk’s artist page and crank the album in your spaceship.
The road to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories has been paved with promo videos, so it’s not surprising that as we head down the home stretch toward’s the album’s release on May 21, the duo is still dishing out tiny bits of slick, light-filled hype to keep fans excited. It can be frustrating to see the words Daft Punk in a headline and think, “New music??” only to again be greeted with a two minute video featuring 20 seconds of a song, but I guess this is what qualifies as an effective marketing campaign in 2013. After releasing the smooth single, “Get Lucky,” maybe you thought the pair was done teasing us? Nope. Sigh. At least this one looks cool and you get to see the record?
The new trailer for Random Access Memories takes place inside a cavernous, Ridley-Scott-goes-to-the-disco spaceship with a killer soundsytem. The duo opens up the album’s packaging, takes out a thick black slab of vinyl and lets the needle drop. It’s sort of like one of these but in a spaceship. Probably can’t get satellite radio. Anyway, we then hear 20 seconds of the album’s opener, “Give Life Back To Music.” That’s it. Watch it below.