In the process of working toward a full-length album, pioneering progressive metal band Cynic has released Carbon-Based Anatomy, an EP of all new and previously unheard material.
Guitarist and vocalist Paul Masvidal calls the EP “a philosophical as well as musical journey, one that begins in the Amazon jungle on the lips of a shamanic wisewoman and ends in outer space.” His description is a fitting one. The first track, “Amidst The Coals,” sets the other-worldly tone for the rest of the EP. Amy Correia, who lent her ethereal vocals on Cynic’s 2008 release, Traced In Air, can be heard on the beginning of this track. Another significant song is the EP’s title track. “Carbon-Based Anatomy” builds up in volume as well as intensity as it moves along, showcasing Masvidal’s familiar, intricate guitar work. Drummer Sean Reinert’s percussion is punctuated by repeated beats on the toms and jazz-influenced cymbal fills.
The duo of Masvidal and Reinert, who formed Cynic in 1987, is joined by Brandon Giffin on bass and Max Phelps on guitar and vocals for a new live lineup, which is now touring with 3 and Scale The Summit through the end of the month before beginning a European tour.