New York indie-rock band Cymbals Eat Guitars is releasing Lenses Alien, its follow-up to 2009’s Why There Are Mountains, on September 14 on Barsuk. Produced by John Agnello, who has worked with Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Murder City Devils and the Breeders, Lenses Alien shows the band’s growth over the last two years, during which much has changed for Cymbals Eat Guitars.

Two of the musicians who played on Why There Are Mountains were replaced by keyboard player Brian Hamilton and bass player Matthew Whipple. They joined the two remaining members, singer, songwriter and guitarist Joseph D’Agostino and drummer Matt Miller, to form the current incarnation of the band. This lineup helped make Lenses Alien what it is—a true collaboration between members of a solidified band.

Tracklist For Lenses Alien:
01. Rifle Eyesight (Proper Name)
02. Shore Points
03. Keep Me Waiting
04. Plainclothes
05. Definite Darkness
06. Another Tunguska
07. The Current
08. Wavelengths
09. Secret Family
10. Gary Condit