Photo by Annie Lesser

Arms were pumping in the air, glowsticks slipped out from the fingers of excitedly clapping hands and drunken dancing with strangers as far as the eye could see—this was the rave-like night created by Cut Copy at the Hollywood Palladium. For its fifth song, the Aussie outift played “Corner of the Sky,” and the entire audience was bathed in a red light as fists pumped in unison.
When bassist Ben Browning went on the keys for “Saturdays,” he danced a little at frontman Dan Whitford, and towards the end of the song swung himself around the vocalist’s waist in an adorably bromantic way. Earlier in the set guitarist Tim Hoey seemed to also get a little chummy with one of the roadies, making faces and dancing at him while he untangled some wires.
During “Sun God” the energy in the crowd dipped, but an hour and 15 minutes of dancing one’s ass off will do that to any audience. Everyone calmly smiled, mesmerized as Browning jumped up onto Mitchell Scott’s drum kit and slammed along. After letting the audience get pumped up again, Cut Copy came out for an encore in front of a backdrop of twinkling star lights. The dancing began again, as everyone screamed along to “Need You Now.” After the show, sweat-stained bodies and smiling faces filed out onto Sunset Boulevard with a “conquer the world” energy as each tried to keep the party going.
All photos by Annie Lesser
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