Haze-pop group Cults will return with their sophomore release, Static, on October 15 via Columbia. Looking to build on their blissful self-titled debut effort, Cults will be in studio with producer Ben Allen. Fortunately for Cults, Allen is no stranger to expanding the style of flourishing bands (think Youth Lagoon , Washed Out and Animal Collective). Maybe this collaboration will see Cults exploring a more experimental, fleshed-out sound.
To announce their sophomore release, Cults have unveiled a 60-second album teaser that starkly resists the band’s bright, innocent persona. Featuring nothing but a dark room and an old, staticky television, the clip gives off a horrific aura—it almost feels as though you’re watching The Ring. The video also features album tracks “We’ve Got It” and “So Far,” so it’s a little more than a tease, but just barely. Check out the trailer for Static, below.