The new rave Brazilian rock band CSS is providing fans with a new single from its upcoming album La Liberacion, set for release August 29. You can download the track “Hits Me Like A Rock,” featuring Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream, for free from the band’s official site.

“Hits Me Like A Rock” is a song about a song, according to Lovefoxxx. The song expresses the power that music has on our lives, and the nostalgic hit of energy when rediscovering a certain track or song that was once a constant play at a certain time of life. The track definitely reflects CSS’s current relaxed home-feel status, as the band members returned from extensive tours and got to work on La Liberacion almost immediately. “Hits Me Like A Rock” opens with a mellower energy that CSS usually delivers, heavy on synth and vocals. By the time Gillespie joins in you’ll be hooked, but also surprised by the use of acoustic guitar that is prominent midway through the track.The message of the song is universal, and CSS powerfully attaches its unique style to a concept we can all relate to with our favorite music.

La Liberacion is the band’s third full length release, and is not a themed album according to the band’s lead singer Lovefoxxx. It has influences from clubs, reggae and punk while drawing from CSS’s first two albums displaying a meeting between riotous anarchy and new wave maturity.