Indie pop band Vampire Weekend has settled its lawsuit with model Kirsten Kennis, whom you may know as the cover subject of the band’s sophomore record, Contra. Last week Kennis went before a judge in Los Angeles, CA, dismissing the case in the wake of a recent settlement she reached with Vampire Weekend.
Kennis claimed she had no idea her picture (taken in 1983) was used by Vampire Weekend until her daughter pointed it out to her after the album was released. After seeing the photo, Kennis slapped the band with a $2 million lawsuit for using the image without her consent.
The fault seems to lie not with the band but with shady photographer Tod Brody. He allegedly falsified documents that led Vampire Weekend to believe the photo was legitimate and accepted $5,000 for it when the album was released in 2010. Vampire Weekend has filed a counter-claim against Brody. The photographer is defending himself now after his lawyers bowed out from the case in June when Brody failed to cooperate with his council and neglected to pay his bills. You can read Brody’s rant on the lawsuit here.