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A mad rock ‘n’ rave double-feature party exploded all over last weekend as New Zealand space-case, Connan Mockasin, and his Down Under brother-in-charms, Kirin J Callinan, stormed two New York stages.
Thursday at Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan, Australian-born Callinan let our photog hang during soundcheck, a relaxed situation that didn’t prepare her for the frantic fun to come. Callinan kicked off the night with his deep voice, angular ‘do, a quite elegant suit and loads of swelting synth-rave stuff. His fans were there early to dance and interact with his sharp sense of humor. He and his brother Tex put together a great show, to which they also invited two drummers and another guitar player for the American tour.
Connan Mockasin, never one to beat one-upped in sartorial splendor, came to the stage in his own shiny suit and porceeded to space-out the island with his psychedelic dream pop. (Side note: he’s looking more like a young Genesis P-Orridge everyday.) Always surprising the crowd with his magical, unexpected set openings, this time around he started to play in the middle of the venue, all the crowd surrounding him then sitting down all around him. The crowd jumped right in on backup vocals.
A beautiful and unexpected surprise guest dropped by: Devonté Hynes, aka Blood Orange, shared the stage with Mockasin and crew during I Wanna Roll With You from their latest album, Caramel (Mexican Summer). Then they all did an extended version of Forever Dolphin Love, including Liam Finn on bongos, Kirin J Callinan and his brother Tex, plus some ladies pulled from the audience. Such a spectacular night! But wait…
Friday night, the two rolled over to Music Hall of Williamsburg to keep the party going. The place was even more packed than Bowery Ballroom. This time, Mockasin began the performance playing his guitar while crowd surfing towards the stage. Once there, the band osmosisly soaked up Mockasin’s vibe and started going koo-koo too, ditching various shirts and pants, with many in the crowd soon following suit. And mind you, this was already in the first 15 minutes of the show! Mac DeMarco got up and joined Liam Finn on bongos, Kirin J Callinan and his brother Tex got up there again, Jorge Elbrecht (from of Violens/Lansing-Dreiden), plus more ladies pulled up from the crowd. And it went like that for awhile longer, and seemingly into the backstage area, and no doubt into the great beyond that Connan Mockasin’s mind dances around in.
Photos by Adela Loconte.