Com Truise goes deep. From the sounds of his Cyanide Sisters EP reissued last week via Ghostly International, it seems that the Princetown, NJ producer (real name Seth Haley) is one of those equipment heads who geeks out over gear (and in Com’s particular case, over synths). He’s been making music for about ten years, and in this time has managed to perfect a kind of chill vibe with a jagged edge.

With its breathy sci-fi operator beats Cyanide Sisters is Com’s first official release that originally dropped last year, but this new version expands it to almost double its length. One of the bonus tracks that appears on this updated version of Cyanide Sisters is “Space Dust”—a warbling boogie trip that feels like it’s been slowed and stretched to create an electric stoner vibe. We have reason to believe that Com is a giving kind of dude, which is exemplified in his generosity below. That means a free download here, you guys, and stream it below.