Com Truise - Photo by Francesca Beltran

Com Truise – Photo by Francesca Beltran

Last night Seth Haley, better know as Com Truise, did the last show of his exceptional residency at Brooklyn’s Paper Box. Over the course of three nights—October 3, November 7 and December 5—the New York producer took over the music venue to bring along some terrific electronic acts, and this time fellow Brooklynites Kodacrome and Aeon Rings joined him on stage for a night packed with synths, beats and 80’s throwbacking.
First came Kodacrome, who set the mood right away with their structured electro-pop melodies, accompanied by some engaging velvety vocals courtesy of Elissa Pociask. The crowd was feeling it and let the duo know with some heartfelt cheering. Up next came Aeon Rings with probably one of the best opening act sets I’ve ever seen. Without any visuals (or much lighting, for that matter), frontman Davey Partian came on stage and passionately performed every single song the duo played. His outstanding voice filled every inch of the place, and their infectious darkwave strongly reflected influences from beloved classics like New Order and Depeche Mode.
By the time Com Truise arrived, the venue was packed and the crowd was already warmed up and expectant. He played favorites and some “new shit,” as he put it; and the sounds were supported by colorful abstract visuals that fit the synth-wave, bass-driven tunes like a glove. At some point he left the turntables and went over to the side of the stage to thank us all for coming out, which was received with a bunch of “Yeah man!” and “You’re fuckin’ awesome.” The girl next to me also screamed, “Why are you still single?” making the musician smile. When the show ended, Haley stepped out to the patio for two seconds, and then came back for a mini-encore that left everyone in the room feeling more than satisfied.
Photos by Francesca Beltran.
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