It would be unjust to pigeonhole Seth Haley’s debut LP as chillwave, as there’s so much more going on with Galactic Melt than that. Com Truise does make electronic music with ’80s-influenced production flair and loads of synthesizer work, but that’s where the similarities trail off.

Less crossover-friendly and mostly instrumental, Galactic Melt opens with the ominous grit of “Terminal” and “VHS Sex” before allowing the distinctive keyboard stabs of “Cathode Girls” to take over. This certainly isn’t music to hit the beach by, and it’s also not as concerned with maximizing texture as chillwave is, creating some of its most intriguing moments with negative space.

Com Truise’s bass throbs often hit like bombs because there’s such slight instrumentation around them, and the synth lines guiding the drums through “Flightwave” bring on a feeling of weightlessness every time they drop out. Though unafraid to sample warped vocals or confront the darkness within its own depths, Galactic Melt still reaches its greatest heights when Com Truise cuts through with an unexpectedly epic melody. Try listening to “Glawio” without a sense of awe at this producer’s developing powers.