Sci-Fi Caper – Photo by Craig Calderwood

In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

Helllooooo readers! Today’s Letters From Bandcamp is the result of an incredibly scientific process that I call, “Searching For Random Tags On Bandcamp.” Cats, dogs, girls, pizza, phat. “Phat” didn’t reveal anything worthwhile, in case you’re wondering. What’s Nelly up to these days?


L.A.’s Zach Robinson makes drippy, vaguely terrifying synth jams for ’80s movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sally Field.

Sci-Fi Caper

Fresno-based Ghost World fanatics (guessing) do a thing that sounds like angry twee, then forgiving twee, then sad twee, then angry twee again, and we’re just along for the ride. You’re tearing me apart, Sci-Fi Caper!

Vector Graphics

Pretty weird vaporwave stuff. Like having sex in an elevator. It’s so weird, but it’s cool. Promise me you’ll play this the next time you take a potential love interest back to your crib. Promise me, you guys.

Lucy Dacus

If, by the time you get to Friday, you feel like you’ve had enough weird, complex synth carousels and thought-provoking diatribes by Radiohead zombies, this one’s for you. Lucy Dacus’s satisfying folk musings are like a gentle rainstorm cleaning the sonic chaos from your troubled little mind. But they’re also kind of sad, ’cause you hafta feel something, ya know?

Bunny The Girl

This girl must have so many Paul Baribeau records. So many. Maybe it is Paul Baribeau? I like it anyway.