Ramona And The Swimsuits – Photo via Facebook

In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

Here we are at Issue No. 3 of Letters From Bandcamp. And you know what the say about threes, right? Three times a charm, everything happens in threes, three strikes you’re out. They say a lot of things about threes. What you can say about this three is that it’ll either make you want to don a tutu and dance in a field of poppies, or lock yourself in an abandoned warehouse and never speak to your loved ones ever again. Either/or.


This album is called Songs Rejected From The Romeo + Juliet Soundtrack Circa 1996​-​1997, which is probably a lie, because it sounds like a ghost stubbed his toe, fell down a flight of stairs, and landed in the middle of a brassy lounge band playing a farewell show at a Hawaiian resort.

On Planets

On Planets is the moniker of 20-year-old Sean Wharton from Vancouver. Sure, he might just be another kid with a laptop, but he’s another kid with a laptop who makes beats that’ll get your thighs dewy. The ear-quivering vocals in that track are the work of a woman mysteriously called “Scoop,” and she sounds like Macy Gray if Macy Gray never had to “try.”

Ramona And The Swimsuits

Frontwoman Ramona Muse sings like she spent all of last night screaming at a hockey game and her voice is just one yalp away from fading away completely, or jumping out of her throat. She also sings pseudo-cheesy, materialistic parody lyrics like, “I’m so glad that we got cable/now I’m sure that we’ll be able to fall in love.” Awww.

Black Channels

I used to have a recurring nightmare about my parents giving me away to a leather-faced woman who lived alone in a mansion and I would always wake up right before she locked me in the closet.


Buttons make syrupy, bow-tied twee-pop and they only have one “Like” on their Facebook page. So, not even every member of the band is a fan? It’s like saying you don’t like candy and sunny day back rubs.