Acab Rocky – Photo via Facebook

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Letters From Bandcamp. Every Friday, this space will be filled with five musical projects we’ve stumbled across in the vast, largely unknowable Bandcamp planet, whether it’s by chance, through arduous research, or because we Googled “Marvins Room” covers’ at 2 a.m. after eating four mini cupcakes. And all you have to do is tune in and read about it. Lucky you.

Soft Lighting

Soft Lighting is the solo project of Kansas City’s Bryan Cox. He has a whole bunch of releases, all featuring cover art that looks like it could’ve been torn down from a roller rink bathroom in 1986. There’s something written in lipstick on the mirror, and it says, “Shake out your perm and go glide through the empty rink slowly, like a gazelle on wheels, as the lighted squares from the disco ball illuminate your zits.”


Brooklyn-by-way-of-New-Zealand musician Stephanie Brown often wears a giant pair of shiny lips over her head, cause that’s her thing. The mask looks heavy, like she’s balancing a couch on her cranium, but it can’t be too heavy, ’cause she wouldn’t be able to make such airy synth-pop melodies with a loveseat crushing her brain.


Here’s Shag. He’s a mysterious 20-year-old “university student” from Denton, Texas. Well, I’m guessing Texas, but who in Texas says “university student”? Shag uses his Moog Sub Phatty and MicroKorg to make beats that sound like dinner at an alien compound wherein the aliens are talking about Busta Rhymes.


This Miami trio has one album out on Bandcamp and it’s called Smoking Weed With Jesus. That’s really all you need to know about Meat. Well, that, and the fact that they make emotionless No Wave dreamboy songs about allergy medication.

Acab Rocky

I’m feeling good right now, not only because there’s a band out there called Acab Rocky, but also because that band called Acab Rocky sounds like a sad teen lying on his kitchen floor hoping against hope that the cold tile will ease his burning sense of self-doubt.