2012 CMJ College Radio Awards - Photo by Bashira Webb

The Syndicate takes home the Promotional Company Of The Year award at the 2012 CMJ College Radio Awards.

Nominations are now open for the 2013 CMJ College Radio Awards! So go ahead and get your picks in now because the ballot will close this Sunday, September 15. The winners will be announced on Thursday, October 17 in New York City as part of CMJ Music Marathon’s College Day with all the usual pomp and circumstance. Here’s a look at our CMJ college radio events and below is a quick FAQ about nominations and voting.

Who can nominate?
Anyone with a CMJ New Music Report subscription. Yes, we do check. So please check that your email address is listed under your account so your nomination can be included.

How do I nominate?
Fill out the form below. If you are nominating a person, please denote the station or company (s)he represents. If we cannot discern who or what you are nominating we’ll have to discount your entry.

How many times can I nominate?
Once. No exceptions.

How do Station Awards and Industry Awards differ?
Station Awards strictly honor radio stations and radio station personnel. Industry Awards are for non-station professionals working in the college radio area of the music industry. We highlight both group as they are both a part of the radio community at large. Nominations cast should abide by these designations.

I rule. Can I nominate myself/my station/my company?
Sure, but please only do so in applicable categories.

So I got the nomination! (I told you I rule.) Now how do I win?
Voting will take place on-site at CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. You must hold a CMJ badge to vote. You may only vote once. (Grab student badges at a discount today.)

When do nominations close?
September 15 at midnight, eastern time. So get those bad boys in ASAP!
Nominations are now closed.