Coke Weed - Photo by Emily Korn

Coke Weed – Photo by Emily Korn

Touring on their third album, Back to Soft, Maine’s groovy hypno-rockers, Coke Weed, took to the Glasslands stage last night. While the crowd was coming and going in waves in a half-full club, when Coke Weed got into their set, people started edging closer to the stage. And considering most seemingly came to watch Andrew Cedermark’s rootsy folk-pop (including Real Estate’s Martin Courtney, seen wading through the crowd), it’s safe to say Coke Weed won some new converts from their impressive showing. NYC’s Shorts started out with some jangly lilting stuff that did a fine job of setting up for the slightly darker sounds to come.
Photos by Emily Korn.
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