If there’s one thing all three bands on this lineup have, it is crazy, hardcore fans. Walking into Radio City Music Hall, it seemed as though there was not a single person there without one of the band’s T-shirts on. If they were one of the few without, they were the first on the merch line picking things out and putting them on over their clothes.
By the time opener Russian Circles took the stage, the lobby had emptied out and the floor was packed. People were out of their seats and bobbing their heads accordingly to the melodic instrumentals, killer drumbeats and hard-hitting riffs. Dark lighting created a heavy aura and hid the owner of the mysterious voice, but fans ate up the group’s short, intense set.
Between The Buried And Me followed with an equally powerful set. Dressed in suits, the band ripped through several songs and had the crowd in a frenzy. They played songs spanning their discography, including Colors’ “Ants Of The Sky” and “Prequel To The Sequel.” By this point, the head-banging had begun, and two guys even attempted to start a mosh in the aisles. Unfortunately, they were promptly stopped by a security guard and were left standing there screaming the lyrics with both arms in the air.
By the time Coheed And Cambria came on, the crowd should have had no energy left. But when the lights dimmed, everyone had caught their second or third winds. Opening with “Pretelethal,” Claudio Sanchez’s voice was nearly drowned out by the crowd’s screams. People were wooing, singing along and even professing their love to the big-haired frontman. The band graciously accepted the love and continued on with crowd pleasers like “A Favor House Atlantic.”
The band didn’t banter much between songs, but Sanchez did express his excitement to play Radio City. As cool as it is for them to play such a big venue, it almost seemed strange to see them from a seat; but that didn’t quell the energy in the room. During “Here We Are Juggernaut” the man in front of me was dancing so hard he tipped over; conducting an invisible orchestra with his arms and bending so far over to scream, he lost his balance. He promptly turned to me to laugh, throw a neighboring fan a pound and dance some more.
Closing the set with an encore of “Domino The Destitute” and “Welcome Home,” fans could no longer contain themselves, reaching their loudest point yet. When the band gracefully left the stage and the house lights came back on, one thing was clear: Coheed fans go hard. If you couldn’t tell by their hoarse voices, you could tell by their sweat-drenched Coheed And Cambria T-shirts.