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You probably are already sick of seeing postings titled the overused pun “Daft Punked” in reference to Arcade Fire starting their set with Daft Punk impersonators “Paft Dunk” playing Get Lucky, and then thanking Win Butler with a very Americanized “Merci beaucoup!” You also most likely already have heard about Beck joining Arcade Fire for a cover of Prince’s Controversy. What you probably didn’t hear about was Arcade Fire playing Crown of Love, for the first time of the entire Reflektor tour. This is interesting because with that song’s shifts of tone and emotionality it can be seen as one of the most brash examples of Arcade Fire establishing the dramatic persona they’re increasingyl known for; whilst more frequently performed Reflektor tracks like Joan of Arc and It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus) show their storytelling style in a more refined manner. In any event, both sides were on display during their set.
While Lana Del Rey was drinking coffee to stay awake after being clawed at by fans, and Daughter was soulfully serenading the more brooding crowd of female vocalist fans, the Toy Dolls were putting on one of the highest energy sets of the day, raising spirits and fists with jumps, high kicks and the theatricality of a “we don’t care” attitude that seemed prevalent with older punk bands throughout the festival.
Other highlights from the day included Jhené Aiko celebrating 420 on stage by singing Higher, while smoking a joint handed to her by an audience member. Classixx yet again being joined by Yacht. Courtney Barnett charmed ’em; and Blood Orange too won over the usual large amount of hearts. Chance the Rapper couldn’t perform because he was still in the hospital, allegedly having nothing to do with fans poisoning him for bringing out Justin Bieber during last week’s set. Big Gigantic yet again brought out Shadow Hills High School marching band from Indio, CA, where Coachella takes place. Throughout the day people repped Easter by wearing bunny ears, and the nut stand in the terrace had a Twitter-led Easter egg hunt. Time to hop home.
Photos by Annie Lesser.