Photo by Nicholas Camacho

I’m not sure about where you guys are, but it’s raining today in New York City. The air feels misty and foggy, even though I have a roof and walls protecting me from the elements. That’s why it seems appropriate we’re premiering this new Wharfer track today. Wharfer is the project of Brooklyn-based musician Kyle Wall, whose mumbly twang is warm and thick, like a Snuggie with an umbrella attached.
This is the third taste we’re getting of Wharfer’s debut full-length, The Rattling, due out August 27. It follows slow-burning crooner Western Swing and the sparsely intimate Architect. Arkansas Sea has Wall hazily dipping into distant reverb mingled with hollow guitar slaps and plucky strings. As he lulls you into a stupor with lines like “My weary pastime of basking in you,” you might need a minute to collect yourself, fetal-positioned in your bed, a bathroom stall, or maybe just under your desk.