Photo by Angela Boatwright

Metal has become as all-encompassing a term as “rock” or “indie.” So while it’s gotten harder to define it, like the preachers says about porn, you know it when you see it. Or hear it, in this case. CMJ Music Marathon has always featured tons of the uber-hard stuff, and this year is no different. So start stretching out those index and pinkie fingers, dude.
See the full CMJ 2013 line-up here.

Black Anvil

Terrifyingly desperate screamer leading a raw, unfancy, riff-racing black metal trio into battle.
Black Anvil play Wednesday, October 16 at Europa.

Cadaver Dogs

Ohio greaseballs who slam out ’86 Sunset Strip glammed crotch-rock like it was a more apocalyptic, mega-mustachioed 2013.
Cadaver Dogs play Thursday, October 17 at Matchless.

Fit For An Autopsy

Dual demonic devil vox over sweeping, pitch-black melodies, incredibly intricate time signatures, and serrated chords that never pause, ever. Insane.
Fit For An Autopsy play Thursday, October 17 at the Marlin Room @ Webster Hall


On the instrumental, post-whatever, brainy end of metal, but definitely not false. Tuneful, moody, no less hefty. They don’t need no stinking leather and studs either.
Pelican play Thursday, October 17 at St. Vitus.

Ramming Speed

Some band names just fit. These ’80s guitar heroic speed metal upchuckers add a hardcore screamer who can go molten core with the Cookie Monster shit when need be.
Ramming Speed plays Wednesday, October 16 at Europa.