Photo by Jeremy Phillips

Seattle folk duo Thousands stopped by the CMJ offices today, bringing a dual guitar attack and a killer vocal harmony. Thousands plays in the Simon And Garfunkel vein and was in the New York area for a free show at the Rockwood Music Hall tonight. The band played two songs, the introspective and placid “Sun Cuz” and the spry “Red Seagull.”

Kristian Garrard sang high, as he fingerpicked melodies, while Luke Bergman added vocal harmonies and chords that counterpointed Garrard’s, and occasionally the two would break into a gorgeous falsetto. Garrard and Bergman, entrenched in plaid, sat with us after the set to talk about their recent U.K. tour, in which Bergman said he enjoyed playing in Manchester for its “down and dirty” attitude. Also, Bergman’s guitar had a neat picture of a cat on it. Kitty…

Thousands goes on at the Rockwood Music Hall tonight at 8 p.m. sharp The duo’s debut album, The Sound Of Everything, is out now.