Mike Acerbo has shared a track off of his debut album exclusively with CMJ. “Trilby” is the opening track to Acerbo’s The Search, being released on February 14.
Ten years in the making, The Search explores themes which have been very present in the life of Acerbo, those of love, loss and the search for the self. “Trilby” is a song whose uptempo folk rhythm deviates from the dark lyrics of the track to form a perfect mix, as it gives the story on the track a little hope. Accompanied by cellos, fiddles, piano, recorders, brass and guitars, “Trilby” is the story of a waitress Acerbo worked with in his restaurant years and was betrayed in her search for love. Stream the track below, and take a glimpse at a video of Acerbo performing “Robbie,” another track featured in The Search.
Trilby by CMJ Network
Tracklist For The Search:
01. Trilby
02. Blueberry Moon
03. Fairy Tale Love
04. Mother
05. The Search
06. Where The River Meets The Sea
07. No Moon
08. Beast
09. Robbie
10. Like The Tide
11. The Night Light