Indie-rock trio Mercies is gearing up to put out its new self-released EP, titled The Ballet, on March 27. The Ballet will contain some new and reworked material, along with the score for a ballet commissioned by the Charlottesville Ballet. Two of the songs on the EP will make up the ballet composition, with the remaining three tracks functioning on their own. Today CMJ is premiering The Ballet‘s “Take You Away.”
“Take You Away” is a hazy, woodland folk song that evokes the sound and atmosphere of Fleet Foxes. But what else would you expect from a band that records its music in a barn in the woods of Northern Connecticut? We’re interested to see how the group applies this sound to a ballet. Tchaikovsky meets the forest, perhaps?
Listen to Mercies’ “Take You Away” below.
Mercies – Take You Away by CMJ Network
Tracklist For The Ballet:
01. Music For A Ballet: Light
02. Music For A Ballet: Dark
03. Clouds
04. In Your Mind
05. Take You Away