Sandwich Man, photo by Kristopha Hohn

Here at CMJ, we ask all the hard-hitting questions to get right to the bottom of what a new artist is all about. That is why we asked CMJ 2011ers to tell us what sandwich they would be, if they were a sandwich. Hey Lifeone—remember the sandwich shop Silas worked at in Weeds? That’s probably Kreayshawn’s favorite sandwich.
Lifeone (Brooklyn, NY): Whatever Kreayshawn’s favorite sandwich is, so she could put me in her mouth. Sorry Mom!
Lucius (Brooklyn, NY): The cheeseburger at Minetta Tavern, because on the surface I am just a hunk of meat, but deep down I am sensitive and delicious…and EXPENSIVE.
Shenandoah And The Night (Boston, MA): A bagel with white fish spread and a tomato, delicious.
Sarah RabDAU And Self-Employed Ass (Boston, MA): A Banh Mi, because it’s sweet, salty, crunchy and as spicy as you need it to be.
Brooklyn35 (Brooklyn, NY): I WOULD A DIRTY sandwich So that know one would eat me [sic, and keep it that way, by far the best answer]
Lyle Divinsky (Portland, OR): A BBQ rib sandwich from Punky’s in Portland, Maine. It’s thick, juicy, makes your mouth water at the thought of it and won’t let you forget it for days after the experience.
The Grownup Noise (Boston, MA): A burrito, which granted is not quite a sandwich, but it is the world’s most perfect food.
The Reason (Ontario, Canada): A club with maple-glazed turkey and Canadian bacon, lots of mayo and of course a spicy Caesar to drink. We’re Canadian, remember?
Goodbyemotel (Melbourne, Australia): A cold meat sandwich because it’s fresh and tasty!
The Walnuts (New York, NY): A Diner cheeseburger. Who doesn’t like a Diner cheeseburger? It can be turkey or veggie if that’s your thing.
John Watts (Sussex, UK): A gourmet one—so I would be expensive, appreciated and consumed slowly!
Masia One (Vancouver, BC): A knuckle sandwich, such. Knuckle up.
Incan Abraham (Los Angeles, CA): A knuckle sandwich. Not in anyone’s face—into your fist, as a friendly West Coast greeting.
Old Monk (Brooklyn, NY): A malaria sandwich. That way no one would eat us and we could still play rock ‘n’ roll.
The Echo-Friendly (Brooklyn, NY): A Muffaletta from Central Grocery in New Orleans because I’d sit facing the river every day.
The Fucking Wrath (Ventura, CA): A pastrami dip, because I value a good meal like I do a good woman, like I do a good joint.
Derek Nicoletto (New York, NY): A Reuben sandwich because I want to get mushed together, naked, with a German, a Russian and an Israeli.
Papertwin (Brooklyn, NY): A sandwich within a sandwich.
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