From October 16-20 the streets of New York City will be filled with music fans seeking out the hottest rising stars at the CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival. The festival also brings together industry insiders who are keen to share ideas on how the music business will be shaped in the future, with our series of panels offering an invaluable outlet to exchange thoughts and theories.

The Kimmel Center at NYU’s historic Greenwich Village campus plays host to over 50 panels during the festival, offering forward-thinking insight and strategizing on how an ever-changing industry will be shaped.

Just as the volatile music business changes, so too does CMJ’s approach to providing attendees with insight into strategies driving the decision-making of leading industry executives. The 2012 schedule expands to include our new Silver Boardroom Meetings, where badge holders participate in a dynamic conference chaired by two leading music business figures. The executives set an agenda and exercises for each session, aiming to stir up impassioned debate and to increase business acumen on crucial matters facing the music industry.

The initial list of panels for CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival includes topics relevant to individuals at every level in an ever-changing industry.

Highlights include:

  • Social Media Sobriety: The social media environment is frantic and volatile. Learn how to build and execute a social media plan. Which sites, tools, widgets and apps work best? How much manpower is needed and how much does it cost?
  • What’s the Deal?: What do 2012 deals look like? Expert entertainment dealmakers will dissect a cross-section of deals, including rights-based issues and much more.
  • International Hopscotch: Touring Outside the U.S: From opportunities to obstacles, find out what is and isn’t working on the international touring circuit, including preparation, financials, international agents, taxes, promoters and marketing.
  • The Real-Deal Breakdown of Branded Placement: Trace the steps of a song to learn exactly what goes into a branded major placement. Exactly how does a song get aligned with a brand? What do the deals and the contracts look like?
  • An Intervention on Career Reinvention: As mergers, consolidations and their requisite downsizing abound, what does it take to reinvent your career? How do you find a lane and forge your own new opportunities?
  • Dumb Band, Smart Phone: A Smartphone can be an artist’s best friend. This panel goes deep into new mobile technologies for the modern artist.
  • The Cloud Hovers: Opinions on the direction and M.O. of cloud computing vary. How do musicians feel about the fact that most “premium” accounts allow any files to be shared freely? How do labels feel about the cloud?
  • A&R = Arithmetic and Research: How do decision makers discover new talent? What are the numbers required to get on the radar of A&R executives? These modern-day algorithmic gatekeepers shed light on the contemporary talent scout.
  • Modern Music Business Education Programs: What are colleges and other academic programs currently teaching? And which institutions are leading the way to find solutions for the next generation of musicians and music business professionals?

Click here to view the full list of panels announced so far.

CMJ’s panels are open to anyone who has a badge for the event. Head over here to register for a badge for the 2012 Music Marathon & Film Festival, which takes place between October 16-20 in New York City.