Photo: Deneka Peniston

It pleases us to no end to have something to celebrate this week–our first artist announcement for CMJ 2013! The timing couldn’t be better. It’s mid August and everyone’s about due for a holiday that isn’t coming anytime soon.

If you live in New York City, the savory smells of gooey $2 pepperoni slices, and halal cart meat sticks have been mingling with the sour scents of human detritus so long you can’t tell one from the other any longer. It’s just a ubiquitous mélange you’ve learned to wear like a cheap Broadway avenue fragrance. Your sleepless nights have droned on for days (or has it been weeks?) to that rattle in your air conditioner, slowly driving you to the brink of another Xanax prescription. If only you had a reprieve, but short of another Mayoral decree banning the dog days of summer, you’re stuck in the doldrums, doomed to be pushing against the sweaty morning hordes for a seat unmolested by a train shark.

We’re right there with you and since we can’t wait until October for CMJ Music Marathon, we’re throwing a party, Tuesday August 27, to announce our first round of 2013 artists! We’ll have live performances by CMJ 2013 artist, Magic Man, pop cosmonauts of the first order, as well as CMJ alums, Weekend, whose black aura and machine drumming catharsis should be just what we all need right about now.

Presented by Champion, the private party is invite-only, but we’re reserving a guest spot open to anyone 21+ to enter. The winner will get two guest spots, plus two gift bags with Champion apparel.

See below for our contest and a chance to get in this party.