CMJ 2012 Artist Announcement

There’s just one more day to wait to find out who is among the initial list of artists playing this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. You may find yourself pacing the room nervously and tearing your hair out in anticipation. But at least you know the wait will soon be over. CMJ is hosting an Artist Announcement Party at the Mercury Lounge in New York City tonight, with all the details revealed here shortly afterward.

This will just be the first round of artists in what is set to be CMJ’s most diverse and far-reaching festival to date. Expect further updates and additions over the coming months, along with announcements about further panels and other special events taking place.

Don’t worry if you haven’t made arrangements to attend the festival just yet—head over to this page to see our latest offer on badges. CMJ Music Marathon takes place on October 16-20 in New York City.